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Smart Manufacturing

Surface Inspection

Built based on GT Inspector product line, the surface inspection and precise defect classification AI solution combines the professional skills of human inspectors with the consistency, scalability and high performance of computer system. It packages AI software and hardware equipment together to offer customers easy to deploy, turn key solution. This solution is suitable for precision manufacture lines that produce objects that are high value, high criticality, high cost and high dependency on inspection skills

  • PCBA and Semiconductor

  • Automobile Parts

  • Solar Panels and Glass Panels

  • High-end Fabrics

Existing Solution Comparison

Robotic Arm Intelligent Control

Built based on GT Examiner product line, the AI intelligent control module solution enables visual perception, movement planning, self-navigation and multi-machine collaboration capabilities, providing useful features such as disorderly sorting, smart pick-up/drop off and object disassembly. This solution is perfect for –

  • Advanced Manufacturing

  • Port Container Terminal

  • Steel Manufacturing

  • Logistical Operations

Smart Retail

Intelligent Marketing

Built based on GT Observer product line, the intelligent marketing solution is design for retail store operators to have clear insight of customer statistics, VIP target analysis and customer/merchandise interactions in the shopping environment. It also creates a close loop of off-line retail data collection, storage, analysis and optimization. This solution is suitable for –

  • Shopping Mall

  • Supermarket

  • High-end restaurant

Main Functionalities

Smart Management

Built basedGT Observer product line, the smart retail management solution for the offline retail industry is perfect for automatically monitoring product shortages, dislocations and damages, at the same time significantly reduce personnel management costs and improve operational efficiency. The product can be used in the following types of retails –

  • Beverage/Food

  • FMCG/Pharmaceutical

  • Apparel/Home Appliances

Main Functionalities

Smart Transportation

Road Video Steam Intelligent Analysis System

Built based on GT Observer(GTO) product line, the solution is designed for the transportation sector, By analyzing and identifying valuable road information and elements of mobile and fixed-end road video steam, we can provide rich and accurate structured information in real time and accurately identify many types of traffic scenes. The solution covers the following element and scenes-

  • Vehicle/License Plate Recognition

  • Traffic Sign Recognition

  • Road Facilities Recognition

  • Road Defect Recognition

  • Traffic Scene Cognition

Fields of Application

Intelligent driver behavior monitoring

Built based on GT Examiner (GTE) product line , the AI Intelligent Recognition Module solution is designed for the chauffeur-drive service companies to monitor and analyze driver dress compliance as well as fatigue and distracted driving (phone calls, smoking) through intelligent analysis of the video stream of existing surveillance cameras in the car.

The functional advantages of the solution are follows-

  • Low cost-can use existing in-vehicle monitoring video streaming (to meet required camera standard)

  • High efficiency-You can judge a driver’s fatigue and distraction, day and night.

  • Customizable-Other abnormal behavior recognition models that require intelligent monitoring can be added based on customer needs

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